Amberlee – Backroom Casting Couch E165

Usually I say no to strippers whenever they answer my ad. Not this time. I’ve been itching to bang a chick in the bathroom, and who would be more likely to go for that than someone who does that for a living whenever her G-string isn’t filling up with enough dollar bills during her shift? Thank you. So 19 year old Amberlee it is. And if she takes off her clothes as goddamn slow as she did in my office, she’ll be fucking on a lot of toilet seats. I almost fell asleep waiting on her ass to move. A stripper with no pulse – I bet the club loves her. But why stop at bathroom sex? Let’s cum in her and only tell her afterwards, too. For some reason I keep inseminating the slow ones. My subconscious apparently wants me to produce offspring bound for remedial classes.