MrPOV: Just A Cheating Wife – Emma Hix

Your best buddy has a smokin’ hot wife. I mean she’s a piece of ass. Her name is Emma Hix, and quite honestly, from the first time you ever met Emma, you couldn’t take your eyes off her. And she you. Seriously you’re over at your buddy’s house just chillin’ with him playing pool or video games and the next think you know his slutty wife Emma is traipsing around the house in her panties and a flimsy little shirt showing off her big, new titties and eyeing your crotch. It was only a matter of time, right? Sure enough, you’re buddy is out of town, and Emma “needs a hand” so you go over there, and in a weak moment you bang the shit out her. Why not? Emma’s gonna keep her mouth shut…and so are you!