ManoJob: The Sluttiest Babysitter – Coco Lovelock

Look, there’s a reason why your wife has never been “too sure” about Coco Lovelock. Your wife sees the way Coco looks at you — especially once she turned 18! Coco is a great sitter, and you’re about to see what else Coco is really good at. Because your wife is out of town, and Coco’s about to make her move. It’s a bold move, too! Take a lot of courage to admit your feelings to someone, and Coco’s got some feelings for you! Doesn’t take too long for Coco’s tiny hands to work your shaft, and since it’s “just a hand job”, that means it’s not really sex right? What’s it called when Coco “makes mistakes”, like sliding it in her tight little wet cunt? Look, you always knew Coco was a true freak, but when she uses your cum as lube to make herself cum after you got yours? Yea man. Coco’s no joke.