Exploited College Girls – Samantha (Is That… Is That Hair Gel?)

You know “There’s Just Something About Samantha” that would make any guy, or girl, go crazy with lust. She’s that type of girl you see. You know – The type that’s from a small town and lights up a room with her shy but positive energy and is just down for doing whatever perverse acts are required to please the handful of guys and girls she’s slept with type. Did I say she’s shy? Well she’s only shy until she warms up to the room and our team must have made this killer bodied gal feel right at home because she pealed off her top and lifted that skirt to reveal some very fine assets. I just love it when a girl’s a sleeper and becomes hotter after she takes her clothes off and Samantha was a sleeper. Who knew? Now I’m a legs and ass kind of guy and Samantha has a nice ass that’s attached to slender legs that go all the way from the fucking floor up to her tight checked ass that sandwiches some fine as fuck pussy lips. She also likes her sex rough and even though Tyler took his time to explore this girl’s supple breasts and finger her spectacularly pink pussy, he fucked the living shit out of this newbie today. Orgasms? There were a plenty today during the onslaught of face-fucking, ass slapping, hair pulling, pussy pounding, deep-throating, toe curling, pile driving action. Now of course we convinced her to lick Tyler’s ass. What do you think we are – Pussies? That was a first for our little newbie also which makes it sooooooo much hotter. Another first which our shy newbie confessed to was something she’s dreamt about getting for like forever, and we just love making dreams cum true which was to have her first ever ewwy gooey facial and who the fuck have you been fucking girl? Now I’ll tell you this much, the guys you’ve been fucking are pussies if you’ve been requesting them to cum on that innocent looking face of yours and they won’t. Well we’re here to please and fulfill dreams and make them cum true so Tyler unloaded and this sex-starved gal licked it up and wanted more. Love that and we just love girls that push their limits to please their partners. So in closing, Samantha checks all the naughty and perverse boxes of a good little whore in training and we love her for it, and so will you. So enjoy the pleasurable exploiting of Samantha everyone.