The Dick Suckers: A Competitive Position – Alex Coal

Beautiful brunette Alex Coal is Head of HR; you’re desperate for the job. So much so, you’ve been blowing up Alex’s inbox trying to get your foot in the door. Took a few months, but not only did Alex finally return your e-mail, you got the appointment — at her trendy loft in the city! Almost immediately, you were taken by Alex’s beautiful body: her feet; those legs; her sheer top with a hint of nipples; her porcelain, flawless skin! And Alex knew exactly what was going through your head from the get go: “my eyes are up here!” Doesn’t take too long for dominant, horny Alex to talk you into showing off what’s in your pants. Then it’s on to JOI! Alex is a dick sucker, too; and in between rounds of cleaning the cum off your dick with her mouth, she’s stuffing it into her MILF cunt! Alex finishes the job before rubbing one out! One thing’s for sure after this — for the first time in your life, you’ll be looking forward to your work day!