Backroom Casting Couch – Nami (Better Late Than Never)

39 year old MILF Nami wants to start her porn career. Here at Backroom we say better late than never am I right? She is incredibly well put together and sexy for being a titch away from 40. I’m also starting to learn that variety is indeed the spice of life, so it really is nice to have some MILF’s lately. We begin by having a very nice conversation on the couch where we learn that she’s a pretty sexual chick. Once we have her strip, we notice her wearing some very nice lingerie under her dress, so that’s a really nice surprise too. Anyway, we go through the motions, get her naked, then have her show us her butthole. After that, I found out that she’s got a great mouth, very very sensual. She’s into it. Next, I get to put my dick in this woman lol. Idk, something about her makes me think she’s probably spent some time in one of those rub and tug places, but that’s just speculation, it’s probably rude to ask someone that. It’s just kind of a hunch though. Something about the way she stroked my cock was almost too amazing. Like when was the last time you got a hand job BETTER than what you could do? I guess what I’m really trying to say is she gave a fantastic hand job. She gets the business in her pussy, and I finally get to switch to that butthole. Again, a fantastic job taking my cock in her ass, doing ass to mouth and while we didn’t get a monster gape, she still did great. Like I mentioned before, that hand job was amazing. I had to make sure we got some jizz on her face, because the force at which I came coulda put someones eye out. Hahahah, it was something else. Finally, we get her dressed and she tells us that out no matter how hard her ex’s begged her she never let them facial her, so that’s a nice first.