Lauren – Backroom Casting Couch 1530

20 year old server Lauren believes that the 50 guys she admits to having fucked is “nothing to be ashamed of”. Well, maybe not not if you’re a pornstar or Vegas hooker, but for an average girl-next-door, that’s pretty fucking whorish. Not that we’d tell her that. We applaud her life choices, after all it’s what led her to be sucking and fucking our man Vince in front of our cameras today. A previous boyfriend (probably her current one, given half these girls here are in a relationship but lie about it…) has ruined any curiosity for anal sex in Lauren, and she even rejects our attempts to have her at least try that butt plug. Thanks, dude. Fuck you very much for ruining it for the rest of us. Lauren isn’t the brightest casting candidate we’ve ever had, but she’s reasonably compliant and tries to impress the producers. When Vince suddenly eats her out from behind, she nearly has a surprise orgasm. Looks like she’s not had anyone take care of her lady bits like that in a while. After that she’s pretty game to let him do whatever he wants with her. The way she looks at him when he fucks her on the desk is pretty revealing – she’s digging this, and she’s digging him. There’s even some kissing. Lauren is smart enough to be on birth control (huzzah!) so when Vince shoots his load deep inside her as she’s riding him in reverse cowgirl on the couch, and his jizz made its way so deep inside her womb that only about half of it comes back out, we don’t have to worry as much.