Gabby – Backroom Casting Couch 1516

When we made the decision to invite Gabby for an interview, we expected a cock-crazy, anal-loving nympho who’ll say and do just the right things for guys’ pants to tighten around their crotches all over the world. Anything for attention. It’s not just that “look at me!” hair – in fact, that’s her job – she’s a stripper and does cam shows. Supposedly. She also claims to have fucked over 100 guys. So clearly she’s no stranger to dick. What we got instead is a trailer trash hood rat who is bad at taking directions, doesn’t do butt sex, and has the personality of a clothes pin. Actually, that’s doing a disservice to clothes pins. Clothes pins of the world, I apologize. She half-asses her way through this audition, expecting those big bucks jobs to just roll in because she showed up, so why put an effort in, right? I’d get more mad at this local cum dumpster if we actually were looking to give girls real jobs. The one thing she does best? Eating ass. For some reason she actually enjoys giving Vince a rimjob. She also seems pretty stoked when he unloads a big load of cum on her face. She might just be happy that this means the casting is over, though. Vote this chick down all you want, we didn’t strike out on purpose here. Sometimes these amateurs just suck, and not the way we all want ’em to.