PervMom: The Corruption of Dakota Bruns Chapter Three – Lolly Dames

Previously, Dakota Burns and Filthy Rich became obsessed with one another and started fucking in secret from the rest of their stepfamily. Now, Filthy Rich wants his wife, Lolly Dames, out of the picture and sends her away on vacation. But she isn’t going alone. Nicky Rebel will join Lolly to “keep her out of trouble,” a plan which undoubtedly backfires and plays an integral part in Dakota’s corruption. As a way of consoling his weeping stepmom, Nicky gives Lolly a good dicking to take her mind off of things. But word gets out quick, and soon Dakota learns about Nicky’s fling with Lolly. By extension, Lolly learns about what has been going on between Dakota and Filthy Rich. Everyone is out for revenge, which comes to its pinnacle in the final chapter of The Corruption of Dakota Burns.