Backroom Casting Couch – Bella

21 year old waitress Bella is proof that big things come in small packages. She’s itty-bitty, coming in at something like 5’1-5’2. Bella has this great kinda punk rocker style with the spiky hair cut and leather jacket that adds a little spice to her. Additionally, she’s got some ginormous tits that are super nice (and a surprise!). Over all she’s quite the little package. I also gotta admit, there’s a lot of chemistry happening during this casting. I dunno what it was about this little sexpot, but I had a fucking blast wearing out those holes. Anyway, she’s an absolute treat to interview. She’s very open, sexually liberated, one of those chicks that’s into pretty much everything it seems like. She’s got some fun stories about living in Germany and banging her coworkers. We ask her to get nekked, and she happily obliges. She’s pretty stoked to play with some toys and use the buttplug too. Bella is almost excited when she finds out she’s gotta suck my cock to be considered for some adult work. From there we’re really off to the races. She’s so sensual and just into the whole thing, and for me that’s just really hot. I get her to eat some ass for the first time, before she lets me get in that ass. We really had a good time in the chair. Then, I handed her a toy and she got off while I railed that butthole. I make her taste her ass, we get some gapes, and finally a pop a huge load all over that pretty face. In the post interview, she’s pretty happy with the whole process, which is nice, because happiness is all we got to give. Thanks for the memories Bella!