Hailey – Backroom Casting Couch 1554

Meet Hailey, a 21yo giggly cocktail waitress. Like many of our casting candidates, she likes sex, money and lesbian porn. When she found my ad online, she thought back to the 30 guys she banged for free (including a gang bang at a high school party) and asked herself why not get paid for it? So many girls come to the couch after this realization and we are happy to help women like her… as long as they do everything we ask. First, Hailey had to pass the ass eating test, which she was hesitant about but reluctantly complied. Next we let Vince plow into her tight asshole for a painful stretching out. After 25 minutes of continuous, sweating fucking, she a almost tapped out. Thankfully, she was willing to continue and let Vince cum so deep in her pussy, she couldn’t push it all out. This girl proved that she genuinely wanted to work in porn and was willing to do anything. Welcome to the game Hailey, just make sure you don’t get played. Oh wait.