MomPOV: Stephanie – 30 Year Old Petite Blonde Beauty Returns

You guys asked for her to come back, I totally agreed, so here she is. Let me just start of by saying once again, I love my job. It was a total treat to do a 2nd, all pussy, shoot with this gorgeous blonde. Even though she is a “lady on the streets”, she is definitely a “freak in the sheets”. As much as I hate using cliche rap lyrics to describe this woman, it is the truth. She is very sensual and knows how to make a cock feel good. I mean, she’s a really sweet person, doesn’t seem like the type that would do porn. But after you watch the video, it makes sense, she’s a natural. Its only her 2nd video ever, it sure doesn’t seem like it. I used my new camera for this one, looks pretty good eh?