Autumn – Exploited College Girls 1884

On December 19th , the last day of Autumn 2019, it’s only fitting that we present to our fans, 19 year old Autumn in her 1st sex on camera. If you like your girls wholesome and innocent looking Autumn’s your cup of tea. But don’t let this shy exterior fool you and Autumn’s not sure if she’s the type of girl that wants to watch herself fuck on video, “But yea… I will probably watch it”, she says as we get to know her more on the way to the hotel. Autumn’s mannerisms for sure are shy, with that “hesitant / reluctance” vibe going on about her. But she confesses that after her friend Candi (Ashley Manson), last weeks update was here and had such a good time, she decided she would take the plunge and take a cock on camera with us. “I just want to have a good time”, she explains as she tells us about her sexual escapades in the car. If you can believe this, Autumn tells us that she has not had sex in over a month, but don’t let this shy unassuming perception fool you. Autumn is a little wild thing, confessing she’s bi-curious and secretly wants Candi’s head between her legs, or vise versa. Candi, if you’re reading this go fuck Autumn tonight!