MomPOV: Nicci – All Natural Nerdy Hippy Chick

– 31 Years old
– A friend who’s a fan of ours suggested she do a porn with MomPov
– She was curious about the industry so decided to give it a shot
– She’s a very shy introverted wallflower hippy type of chick
– Believes in free love and feels very open with her body
– Currently single and always open to whatever fun comes her way
– She is into meditating, crystals, spirituality and astrology
– Practices tantra, uses sexual energy to reach feeling of ecstasy
– Likes to read, play video games and just do chill nerd stuff
– Gets really turned on when a guy teases her and builds her up
– More of a submissive type, wants the guy to initiate sex
– She watched videos of herself she has recorded to masturbate
– You can make her squirt if you hit it right from behind
– She was all natural from head to toe with a great body
– Very cool, laid back attitude and fun to work with